Monday / Tuesday

On Monday (July 28th), while I'm packing I have Trek Nation running on the DVD player.(You can order it here: I get caught up in watching it, and stopped packing. I had the biggest grin on my face while watching it. I had forgotten how touching the documentary is. Then, I put it away and finished getting everything ready. I didn't actual put things in the suitcases till the next morning, but everything was out and ready to go. I had an afternoon flight, so I didn't have to rush in the morning.

It's Tuesday (July 29th), WOOHOO, airport time!! While waiting for my flight, I tweeted "#stlv @CreationEnt Sitting at O'hare airport waiting on my flight to Vegas. Can't wait to see you all tomorrow." And CreationEnt favorited my tweet! Little things make this girl all giddy.

Debbie and Rob arrived in Vegas, at the Rio about 90 minutes before me. Once I landed, I text Deb and she and Rob were waiting on the 4pm check in, per the front desk. I gathered my luggage, hopped on the Super Shuttled and headed onward. There was just myself and one other lady. We had a great conversation. I arrived at the Rio and got in line at the front desk. The lady behind me, Kat, was also there for the convention. It was her first convention and she was very excited. I text Deb and she came down to the lobby. The front desk put me in the room across from Deb and Rob's.

I settled into my room and rested for a bit. I had a great view of the moutains. (see pics below) We then went downstairs and ate dinner at KJ Dim Sum's and went down to the convention area to see how far the construction had gotten on the sets. Deb and Rob took a little walk-about down in the convention area earlier and saw the cool sets they were building.

Creation out did themselves on recreating different aspects of the series with the portal from "City on the Edge of Forever", Transporter Pad, Villians and Heros, Quarks Bar and all the Entry Ways. We looked forward to seeing the final reveal tomorrow, and taking pictures of them and ourselves.

We went and caught the shuttle over to Bally's, and walked over to Planet Hollywood. Deb wanted to visit the Crazy T-Shirt shop. We also got some Garrett's popcorn for snacking on for the week. Our last stop at Planet Hollywood was Urban Outfitters. I scored quite the find there; Journey's "Eclipse" Double LP. I didn't even know that they still made LPs . Then we headed back to Bally's and caught the shuttle back to the Rio. We all went to our rooms and retired for the evening.

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