It's Saturday (August 2nd), I set the alarm for 7:15 and I'm wide a wake at 6:30. NO!!! I have three photo ops this morning back to back and I don't want to look like crap!!!! We have an autograph call at 9:15 with Peter Weller. Peter was really nice and signed my photo, not much else went on. After I get my photo signed I head to my first photo op with Anthony Montgomery. Super, Super nice guy. He and I chatted in June when he was here, in Chicago. When Anthony came in, he went over to Chris's iphone to scroll through his play list. Chris ALWAYS has music going during the ops; it helps keep things lively and so there's not dead silence in the room. Anthony chose a playlist and the line starts. There's a big smile when he sees me and it's a great picture. I grabbed my stuff and ask if the line for Conner had started yet. Not yet, so myself and the woman behind me started one. There was a line for Tim Russ, so we stood parallel to that line, and everyone helped guide people to the proper line. After about 10 minutes, they prelined us up inside. We stood and watch the Tim Russ op and the Tucker Smallwood op. Conner is also yummy, but a bit too skinny. His hair was longer and darker then I remembered from last time.

After Conner, I got right back in line for Scott Bakula. I said these ops were back to back. Well, Peter Weller is now on Stage and I was hoping to catch part of his panel. His panel ran from 10:30 to 11:05, and Scott's op was to start at 10:30. Scott was late, like by 10 minutes. He had two of the Creations staff escorting him around, and they had to take the back hallways. Other celebs just walk down the same hallways that we do. Rarely does anyone ever stop them, normally the celebs are headed to a panel, photo op or the bathroom.

Scott was a little taller then I expected. I don't even remember what I said to him but he smiled and laughed. It might have been, "I love you!" The picture with him is cute, but I will be doing another when I see him again. I then grab my stuff off the table. You are not allowed to carry any bags up with you for the op. Some newbies were worried about leaving their items on the table, but we assured them no one has ever taken something that wasn't their's. We all have enough of our own crap to carry around, no one wants to carry anything extra. Anyhoo, I did get to see about 10 minutes of Peter's panel. I wish I had gotten to hear it all.

I knew that I wanted to have Rod Roddenberry sign our photo op picture and the dvd cover of Trek Nation. So I went by the booth and asked when he would be there, and also bought a blue uniform dress. The girl said that a man sized these dresses, as in they run small. So I looked at the 2x and it looked as though it would work, so I got it. Then I went back to the main theatre to hear Brannon Braga. I got all the way back to my seat, sat down and realized I had left my binder at Rod's booth. So I had to excuse myself out of my row and walk ALL THE WAY back to the vendors room to get the binder. They had it at the booth. Then all the way back to the theatre and listened to Brannon and Adam.

Today's main event for me; Enterprise the Xindi Saga; Scott, Dominic, John, Tucker, Conner, Steven and Anthony. The panel is being hosted by Roger Lay Jr. They all sat on the other side of the stage, so I couldn't get a good picture of Scott, but I could still look and listen really well. They were on for about 45 minutes. Scott has a great laugh and an infectious smile. Johnny B. has us rolling on the floor with his one liners and comic remarks! Steven Culp is a cutie; he is on the short list for a photo op for 2015.

The Enterprise-Xindi Happy Hour.

I think I went upstairs and grabbed a quick sandwich and then headed back to the Roddenberry booth to see if Rod was there. He wasn't there so I walked around a bit and got Anthony and Conner to sign the photos from the morning, then sat at a table to organize my binder. And of course I had a direct sight line to Scott Bakula, who was signing autographs in the vendors room. I was joined at the table by, Jim Hickman and then Carol. We all needed a rest and to reorganize our binders. We had a great chat, afterwards I got up to wonder past the booth again, and Rod was just leaving the booth and walking out. UGH!!!!

I think this is when Debbie and I hooked back up and got Daniel Davis' autograph and Carel Struycken's autograph. Carel is very soft spoken. Deb and Rob said he was one of the callers for Bingo, and he was a little hard to hear. I was going to stay in the vendors room and wait for Rod to return, and Deb asked that I text her when he comes back. Well stalking paid off. A little later on, I came around the corner and he was in his booth. He wasn't busy, so I went up to the booth and he signed my items, we chatted a bit and then I got another kiss on the cheek and a hug. I'm a happy girl, doesn't take much. I then text Deb, that Rod was at his booth. They were at the cosplay photo shoot for Next Gen Costumes. I stopped off and got my Scott photo and then, headed up to my room to drop things off. All I needed for the rest of the day was my camera and the schedule, all my photo ops were done and the next autograph session was on Sunday.

About 45 minutes later I came down for Terry Farrell and Michael Westmore. Mr Westmore was going to make up Terry into Dax for the 539th time. He kept count. They had a good conversion going on while he was doing her makeup. It took him less then 30 minutes to do her makeup. He said that he just did a bunch of U's. Her makeup was never the same twice. He did not ever use a stencil on her, it was all done freehand.

Next up was Voyager: Kate, Ethan, Tim and Garrett. Ethan is the cut-up of the group and he kept the audience laughing. Deb and Rob had to leave for their photo op with Dax (aka Terry Farrell), so they missed the end of the Voyager panel. Kate Mulgrew's son Alec came up on stage towards the end, as did Tim's daughter Madison.

Voyager keeps on rolling.

Simon Pegg was more interesting then I thought he was going to be. He also confirmed some of the tales that Karl Urban talked about on Thursday.

Simon's out of this world..

We then had a break and headed up to our rooms and as we were walking Chris was also walking so, we talked and walked. We talked about concert photography, he didn't realize that I was shooting from the pit at the Journey show. And then he told a good story of when he was photographing his friends band. We all got in the elevator and then parted ways as Chris got off on a lower floor. We had almost two hours, so we decided to have dinner at KJ's again. They had half of the restuarant setup for a wedding reception and we ate in the other half. We shared two entrees and that was enough. We took our time eating dinner, then freshened up, in our rooms, then headed back down for the concert.

Being a Gold Ticket attendee, we got to keep our seats for the Nevada Pops Orchestra concert. I was excited to hear the musical scores performed by an orchestra. The conductor is Richard McGee, with guest conductor Ron Jones. Ron premiered a new piece “Pathway to the Stars – the piece was dedicated to the Dreamers, Builders and Explorers who will take Humankind forward into the Universe and a better future.” We wished they could have performed longer, it was truly fabulous.

The music of Star Trek.

It's now about 10:45 and we head over to the Dessert Party. The nights not over yet. We've connected back up with Chuck and head on into the Dessert Party, the room is dimmed down and we head for one of the lines. They have setup ice cream sundae stations. YUMMY!! I've been being pretty good (as far as calorie wise, so far), so I had no problem digging in. Rob and Deb found a great table. The Dessert party is also a Centerpiece Contest. The centerpiece at our table was (IMO) by far the best. We were seating there and I look up and there's Steven Culp. Then someone appeared next to me, leaning into the table, I look up and it's Dominic Keating. I said "HI!", he looks at me and goes "Hello" with that british accent, (little swoon here). They were judging the Centerpieces. Then John Billingsly stopped by. The conversation hit gutter level and I said something and he said something about his wife being here. I said, "Looking never hurts, just no touching." It was now getting close to midnight and this girl had been up since 6:30am, running on 4 1/2 hours sleep, from the night before. Chuck stayed with some people that he met, and we three headed up stairs. Okay, nothing going on tomorrow till 10am, so I set the alarm for 7:30am.

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