Monday & Tuesday

Well, if you consider 7:30, sleeping in. It's Monday (August 4th). Deb and Rob had a evening flight out and I was staying till Tuesday. They brought thier luggage over to my room and Rob wasn't feeling well so he just rested in my room for the day. Deb and I headed down to the Zipline. I was going to do it and Deb was going to film me. We get to the the store front and find out that they don't open till noon. SHOOT!!! So, we go back to the room, change into our swimsuits and head to the pool. We stayed out there till about noon, then went back upstairs, cleaned up and then went out for lunch, as our groceries were now finished off, except for a few snacks. Just buying groceries for breakfast and lunch, saved us so much money.

Rob stayed upstairs and Deb and hit the Grille again. Then we went back to the Zipline store. We were in line, I signed the waiver; got up to the register to pay and the girl gets a call on the walkie talkie, that it's starting to rain. She said that they do run in the rain, just not in lightening or high winds. I took it as a sign from God, that I was not supposed to do it. By the time Deb and I got back to the room, it was pouring out. We sat and chilled a bit. I check in for my Tuesday flight, via the app on my phone. And they gave me the chance to upgrade to 1st class, for a small price. I declined, then I started to add things together: 2nd checked bag, possible overweight bag, refund I'm getting from Creation and refund I'll get from American..hhhmmm. So, I decided to go back into the app and upgrade. Flying home 1st class, just like I originally wanted too. Then it was time for Deb and Rob to leave for the airport. I walked with them downstairs and then out to the cab stand, did our hugs and waved goodbye. Sad to see them go, but I know in less then 360 days, I'll see them again.

I went inside and strolled around a bit and sat at a few machines for about an hour, then cashed in my ticket. I was only down about $5.00. I then went around the shops, didn't buy anything, just looked. I went upstairs and started to get things ready for my morning packing. I knew that I was going to have to check the roller bag that I used as a carry on, so I was hoping I could get everything in my tote bag. I straightened the room up a bit and then counted the cash I had left (woohoo, I had cash left!!!). Decided, I wasn't all that hunger, so I got a slice of pizza and brought it back to the room and watched Major Crimes. I missed the episode from 7/28, so I got to watch that one and then the new one. Then I just chilled and relaxed, the rest of the night.

Tuesday (August 5th), I get up, shower and order room service. I start to pack and realize, I need either another suitcase and large tote bag. I go down to the gift shop and look around and look around; I finally decide on a Las Vegas tourist tote. I gave them my rewards card and I got and additional discount off of the sale price. Score!!

My shuttle was due to pick me up at 10am. I head down to check out about 9am, as I wanted to discuss the fact that my frig was a freezer. The girl at the front desk did do an adjustment for the inconvenience. I went over to the door that led out to the shuttle pickup. I had a few minutes, so I plugged in my phone to give it another boost of power, and sat for a bit. I then got a text that my shuttle was there and waiting on me. I was the first guest on the shuttle. He had one more pickup and then we went to the airport. We were all flying back to Chicago. I checked my bags in with the Skycap. The big one was over by 2.5 pounds, but he let it go; so I gave him a big tip.

The flight was on time and I enjoyed my time in 1st class. I ordered a Jack and Coke; she gave me two bottles. I be feeling no pain. The only draw back was there was no movie. I had to entertain myself; slept, read, and watched the ipad of the guy next to me. Once back to Chitown, I got the Hyatt shuttle back to my car, and then home.

What a spectacular trip...Can't wait for Deb, Rob and I to do it all over again next year. I think I'll be upgrading to the strip view. Deb and Rob had a spectacular view. Also, can't wait to hang out with my new friend Chuck again.

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