Rhonda's Las Vegas Adventure

What a fantastic voyage we had this year at the Star Trek Convention held at the Rio in Las Vegas, Nevada. The we, are Rob Da Silva, Debbie Da Silva (yep they be married) and myself. We not only attended the convention but also got to visit the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, in which we received a private tour of the speedway and grounds.

I'll be giving you a blow by blow of each days events; the best that I can remember. You'll be able to click on links to either enlarge the photos, go to more details of that day or more photos of that panel. I hope you will enjoy reading my story and viewing my photos. Warning, it's a mini novel. I'm going to give you the highlights of each day here and then you can click on the link and see the details.

Let's start with the planning of this little adventure. Debbie and I contacted each other in 2013 and agreed that we should go to the convention in 2014, in order to gaurantee us decent seats for the 2016 convention. Why you may ask? Well, 2016 is the 50th anniversary of the original series first season. The pilot "The Cage", 50th anniversary was this year and that was a main focus of the 2014 convention.

So we got our seats for the convention so that we could all sit together, booked our hotel rooms and got our airfares. We looked forward to seeing each other and having a great time.

Tuesday 7/29/14
Monday night and Tuesday was filled with anticipation of the trip and spending time with Deb and Rob. We were off and running from the time we got in till we dropped that night. Trip details start here..

Wednesday 7/30/14
Last night we had dinner in China, this morning we are having breakfast in Paris and tonight, we'll have dinner back in the USA; with a little nascar thrown in for good measure. What a ride!!! We also begin a 5 day Trek that we take us to strange places and we'll meet new friends. The mission begins here..

Thursday 7/31/14
The first full day of the convention is filled with big stars like; Nichelle Nichols, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis and Karl Urban. Adam Malin and the house band, Five Year Mission started our day. Meeting Karl Urban was quite the highlight for me, along with having a great time at the Voodoo Lounge. First day full of fun and yummy goodness..

Friday 8/01/14
Day 2, and I'm up early, :(((. I get to have another brief encounter with the "Oh So Yummy, Karl Urban!!!" :)))). Today's panels include, but not limited too: Catherine Hicks, Don Stark, Daniel Davis, DS9, Roddenberry's Adventures, Classic Ladies and lots of Favorite Stars. We'll round out the night with a Journey concert. Long day into night..

Saturday 8/02/14
Day 3, again I'm up early, dang body clock :(((. A trio of photo ops with 3 handsome gents, is on the schedule this morning!! Highlights of the day will include: Brannon Braga, cast of Enterprise, Michael Westmore, Cast of Voyager, Simon Pegg, Nevada Pops and Dessert!! An Enterprising day full of Adventure.

Sunday 8/03/14
Day 4, Final day of the convention. It's a sad day, but also filled with excitement. There are still more guests to see and yet another concert to go to. Highlights for today are Walter Koenig (my first Star Trek crush), Rod Roddenberry, Casey, Vaughn, Steve, William Shatner, Camille Saviola, Jim, Tiny, Eric and the Rat Pack. An earth Shatnering day.

Monday 08/04/14 & Tuesday 08/05/14
It's my final full day in Las Vegas. Deb and Rob are flying home today and I'm taking this day to rest and recoup. Highlights of the day: spending time with friends, pool and relaxing. The Journey comes to an end, or does it?