Richard and Louden SwainTahmoh Penikett Sebastian Roche Gil McKinney Mark SheppardRich / Matt / Rob

Richard and Louden Swain

Tahmoh Penikett
This was my first time seeing Tahmoh. He is very soft spoken.

Sebastian Roche
Sebastian was very tame in his panel compared to seeing him here is Chicago. Although he only got through about
two questions. He did a lot more roaming of the audience and going way into left field with his stories.

Gil McKinney
Gil's 2nd panel, was much like the Friday's panel. It was hard to get a good shot of Gil, since he was wearing a baseball cap.

Mark Sheppard
I just cannot say enough good things about Mark Sheppard. The first time I noticed was
in Leverage; love Sterling. I grew to love Mark in the role of Crowley.

Richard Speight Jr, Matt Cohen and Rob Benedict
The three of them discussed the largeness of the theater. Rich and Matt made their way to the back of the theater and Rich went to the very last row. He wanted to see how the view was from that last row. And it was determined that if you were sitting in those back rows; that you still have not been to a Supernatural Convention. Way funny!! In the picture of the theater; on the left hand side, you can see Matt going up the stairs.