Gold PanelRobert SingerJensen and JaredRuth Connell

Sunday Morning Gold Panel
Some people love waking up to coffee in the morning; we love waking up to the Jared and Jensen morning show.
The Chicago gold ticet holders are my part of Jared's voicemail message. Jensen had Jared updated it,
because it was several months old. We were happy to help.

Robert Singer
It is great to get insight on the show from those who are creating it. Robert gotten to where he is by hard
work and alway striving to better himself and to learn. He watched others and learned from them, plus being
in the right space at the right time.He is quite the master of the harmonica.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki
One word...Yummy.

Ruth Connell
I feel bad for the last guest on Sunday night. Everything is winding down, we are waiting for the J and J
autographs to start. But Ruth came out and got us all on our feet dancing again. She has learned from
Mark Sheppard on how much fun it is to roam the audience and get up close and personal with people.